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Price List


DOG WALKING (ONLY)  Too often life does not allow time for everyday needs, like walking the dog. Take advantage of my service and come home to a happy, exercised and relaxed pet. 

  • 30 minutes/$18

  • 45 minutes/$25

  • 60 minutes/$30

  • $35 field trip to local dog park within 10 miles 


PET SITTING (DAY) Ideal if you work out of town, or simply have no time to let the dog out, scoop litter boxes or administer medication for your pet​ ($5 additional fee)

  • casual visit    20 minutes/$20 potty break(s), scoop litter boxes

  • routine visit  30 minutes/$25  potty break w/play time

  • long visit       45 minutes/$30  potty break(s), ideal for large, energetic dogs

  • extended visit  60 minutes/$35  potty break(s), playtime and lots of LOVE

  •  discounted rate available for more than 2 hours

  • fees apply to a household of 3 pets, additional fees for additional pets


PET TAXI   Conflicts with work schedules or other appointments can make scheduling veterinary and/or grooming appointments difficult. 

  • to/from grooming appointments $40 flat rate within 20 miles

  • to/from veterinary appointments $40 flat rate within 20 miles

  • confirmation text notifying owner status of pet 


LIGHT GROOMING Worried about cutting a quick while trimming your

dog or cat's nails? Allow me to do their mani/pedi and MORE! 

  • PETicures (nail trim)    DOG $20.00     CAT $15.00

  • ear cleaning                 DOG $13.00      CAT $9.00

  • express anal glands      DOG $15.00     CAT $10.00

  • oral care (brushing teeth) DOG $10.00  CAT $5.00


For the pampered pet try the SPA Package: PETicure, Ear cleaning & Oral care (brushing teeth)                   DOG $35.00      CAT $21.00

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